Mr. Stubb 1.75 Chastity Cage Kit Clear "


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Mr Stubb 1.75 Chastity Cage Kit Clear from CBX Male Chastity Adult Products. Add to your collection with individual cages sporting tasteful or colorful designs and finishes. Show off the creative side of your lifestyle by collecting all of the best male chastity cages in the world. The next step in sensual restraint from CB-X. Mr. Stubb is your gateway to the lockdown youve been wanting for. Give your keyholder even more control with this new smaller device that keeps your cock under tight constraint. Mr. Stubb is a fundamental change in how CB-X does restraint. From our original 3 inches Cock Cage the CB-3000 to the ultimate cage for locking up monsters, The Curve, we have now gone for complete denial by constraint. The smaller 1.75 inches Mr. Stubb is ready to lock you in and never let go until your keyholders command. Like all our cock cages the Mr. Stubb is an engineered device that uses our trusted medical grade polycarbonate PC for strength and its skin safe properties. Easy to clean and remove you can always keep fresh and comfortable in our CB-X devices. Size lengtth 1.75 inches, inner diameter