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The Magic Wand Rechargeable is now liberated from its cord to offer soothing, stimulating massage nearly anywhere, anytime, in rechargeable form. High and low speeds deliver strong vibrations through the tennis ball-shaped head. A slightly flexible neck allows the ball to be used in strategic spots in Vibratex. Dimensions: approximately 13 inches in length and 2.25 inches in head diameter.

Features: rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (7.2V/2250mAh) Charger included. plug-and-play feature. The device will run directly off a power source and will not charge while in use. Automatic shut-off feature. After 20 minutes of continuous use, the device will turn off on its own. Preserves electronics, charge, and battery life. Charge time: 3 hours for a full charge. Run time is approximately 3 hours on full charge. Specific on/off switch. top button, closest to the unit is head. 4 power intensities. Low speed: 2,700 rpm; medium speed: 3,800 rpm; high speed: 5,400 rpm; ultra speed: 6,300 rpm. Center button. Size length: 13 inches. **Can be shipped to North America only.

Avoid submerging in water and operating for more than 25 minutes. Please see the user’s manual for complete instructions and safety warnings.

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