Color Coded Jockstrap, Blue, Small


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This high-quality leather jock is made from thick garment leather which is soft, yet sturdy. It has the classic styling of a traditional cotton athletic jock. A 3" wide waist band and tailored pouch are attached to two leg straps that keep the jock snug and comfortable. A band of red, yellow, blue, or gray runs down the center of the pouch in a vibrantly-hued colored leather.This item is not packaged; it is sold bulk.Small – 28-30" WaistMedium – 32-34" WaistLarge – 36-38" WaistX-Large – 40-43" WaistYELLOW:Small – J309SYMedium – J309MYLarge – J309LYX-Large – J309XLYRED:Small – J309SRMedium – J309MRLarge – J309LRX-Large – J309XLRBLUE:Small – J309SBMedium – J309MBLarge – J309LBX-Large – J309XLBGREY:Small – J309SGYMedium – J309MGYLarge – J309LGYX-Large – J309XLGY