Cocksox Snug Pouch Thong Designer XL


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No matter your profession, the Cocksox Pro Collection underwear thong offers the ultimate support and comfort to get you through the day. Featuring luxuriously silky Modal fabric, the CX05PRO sits serenely under your uniform in a flattering fit. The natural fibres wick moisture for a fresh feeling right through the day, and a specially designed narrow waistband offers additional support and a streamlined discreet profile under your clothes. <br /><br />Snug Pouch offers the same support and comfort as the Original Pouch, just not as enhancing and uplifting. Flattering, unlined cut for extreme comfort and enhancement. Specially designed narrow waistband for extra support and discrete profile. No one will know you are wearing it, until you want them to! <br /><br />Fabric composition 96% Modal, 4% Lycra. Men size extra large, XL. Waist 40 inches to 42 inches.

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