Bathmate Power Ring Gladiator (net)


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Bathmate Power Ring Gladiator is the latest products to be added to your Bathmate collection. As a rule Bathmate have gone an extra mile to ensure only the best quality products reach the market and carry the Bathmate name. Bathmate Power Rings are made from Elastomax which is a unique combination of Thermoplastic Elastomers/Thermoplastic Rubber TPR and TPE. This new material is invented to make the Bathmate Power Rings the toughest and most flexible rings on the market. The rings are Phthalate free and skin safe. Usage of Bathmate Power Rings will give the customer an enhanced erection experience, which in turn will lead to greater sexual satisfaction. Gladiator ring with three nubs on the inside, the Gladiator Power Ring adds a completely unique level of pleasure, with the ring adding pleasure however it is placed. 45mm by 20mm e or approximately .78 inch by 1.77 inches.

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