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Adrien Lastic Pocket Vibe Powerful Pocket Flippy Dolphin. Dive into a wave of orgasmic paradise with the silent sonic seduction of Flippy! With one click of a button, his quiet, vibrating vocalizations will send tingling sensations soaring directly to your sensitive spot. Operate him with ease by pressing his soft button on the bottom of this cute, compact climax contributor. This little, dolphin shaped bullet vibrator hums slow, steady tunes, providing impeccable pulsations. From his tiny dorsal fin to his flippers to his tip, this creatively shaped mini vibe is dressed in a pure, premium silicone that is silky and safe to the touch. He appreciates your concern for the environment and his well being, so he expresses his gratitude by being hypoallergenic and latex free in return!

Slip off Flippy's soft, sea blue silicone cover and enjoy the prevailing, solo play of his powerful, bare bullet. With or without his adorable, dolphin shaped layer, Flippy's smooth, round body fits effortlessly in the palm of your hand. Molded with a bottle nose beak, Flippy's small, slim tip provides precise clitoral stimulation and an enticing experience. Discreet and charming, this miniature, dolphin bullet is the perfect, pocket sized playmate to store away for an erotic, breath taking adventure.

To enjoy his riveting vibrations, simply unscrew the bottom and pop in the three, included batteries, then put him back together and press the coal colored button for a tantalizing 90 minutes of playtime. This small, pulsating aquatic toy loves to stay hydrated and is completely compatible with water. Let him join you for a hot, steamy shower or relaxing, bubble bath. Pair him up with a water based lube to increase pleasure and intensify your erotic experience. Size 2.95 inches by .98 inch. Vibrator requires 3 AG13/LR44 batteries, included.

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