Shop this item now! NPPSC Size Matters Clitoris & Nipple Suckers Set CNVELD-XRAF222 Experience powerful suction on your nipples and clitoris when you play with this easy to use sucker set! Without the complication of bulky tubes and pumps, this set draws blood into your desired area, engorging and enhancing sensitivity! Place each cylinder flush Read More


Shop this item now! NPPSC Kink Silicone Nipple Alligator Clips with Heavy Chains CNVELD-DJ2404-05 Classic alligator style clamps in an extra wide design adjust for the tightest fit necessary to keep them on as the heavy connecting chain swings and tugs at the wearer's tender flesh. The broad tips and screw clamp construction keep them Read More


Shop this item now! NPPSC Kink Pinch Silicone Nipple & Clit Tweezer Clips CNVELD-DJ2404-03 Slim tweezer style clips pinch the nipples and clitoris for intense multi-zone stimulation. Adjust the ring at the center of each clip to change and vary pressure and provide the perfect blend of pleasure and pain. Each clamping implement is tipped Read More


Shop this item now! NPPSC Kink Tweak Nipple Sucker Set Black CNVELD-DJ2404-01 Tweak nipple suckers, another unique design from the Kink by Doc Johnson collection, create powerful natural suction for authentic sensations and engorgement that traditional clips can not provide. With a simple squeeze, the Tweak set fits perfectly against the skin and creates a Read More


Shop this item now! NPPSC Size Matters Nipple Pumping System Dual Cylinders CNVELD-XRAE531 Nipple play enthusiasts will love this easy-to-use pumping system! Nipple suction increases sensitivity and temporarily engorges as it draws increased circulation into the area. The sensation is perfect for foreplay or during masturbation. You can even detach the cylinders and keep them Read More