Shop this item now! NPPSC My Mini Miracle Massager Electric 2 Speed 120 Volt 8" – White/Purple CNVELD-SE2089-20 All the power of the Miracle Massager now in a convenient compact size! 2 speed high intensity motor.<ol><li>Angled, soft, spring mounted tip for ease-of-use</li><li>EZ grip handle</li><li>PVC tip, Polypropylene handle</li><li>120 Volt AC</li><li>2 inches by 1 inch tip</li><li>8 inches Read More


Shop this item now! NPPSC My Miracle Massager 2 Speed 120 Volt 10.5 inch White With Pink CNVELD-SE2089-10 Experience soothing, resonating vibrations. High intensity, ultra-powerful massager with Ergonomic shape for ease-of-use. Spring mounted ribbed head with EZ grip handle. 2 speed, PP handle, PVC head, 120 Volt AC Shop this item now! NPPSC