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Shibari Mini Halo Rechargeable Massager Black


An ultra luxurious massage and stimulation staple from Shibari made conveniently petite, the reliably satisfying silicone tipped Shibari Mini HALO Wireless 20x Mini Wand Massager combines twenty unique vibration functions with a plush silicone head that bends and flexes as desire dictates. Extraordinarily manageable and conveniently cordless, this traditionally shaped piece re-vamps a go to stimulator, rendering the much loved wand perfectly user friendly plus fully rechargeable. <br /><br />20 vibration patterns and 8 speed strengths to tailor your massage experience. Bendable neck for flexible massage action right where you need it. Special high strength motor provides exceptional power, yet quiet vibrations. Ultra soft, premium grade silicone for complete comfort Rechargeable and comes with a USB power cord with optional attachable plug in. 100% water-resistant.

Shop this item now! NPPSC

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