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Fantasy C-Ringz Turbo Teazer Black Ring


Kick your pleasure into overdrive with the vibrating Turbo Teazer! This vibrating cock and ball ring will help you perform like a pro and give you that extra edge! Made from our body safe, phthalate free TPR, this super stretchy ring features a powerful vibrating bullet that delivers incredible vibrations behind your sack. The soft cock ring pushes your package out to the max and gives you a tight grip that prolongs ejaculation and extends the fun. <br /><br />You will look bigger, feel tougher and get harder than ever before, while the powerful vibrations tickle and tease your balls! The comfortable ring gives you extra support and lets your lover know that you mean business. Wrap the bottom ring around your cock and balls and slide the top ring to the base of your shaft. Push the button to activate the motor tingly vibrations and enjoy a mind blowing ball massage and thick, throbbing erections. <br /><br />The stretchy, latex free TPR can be enjoyed in full confidence with water based lubricants. Try it in the shower or spa and turn bath time into pleasure time!

Shop this item now! NPPSC

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