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Mr. Big Cock Ring & Ball Stretcher Black


When you want to be bigger, harder, and last longer, the Mr. BIG Cock Ring &amp; Ball Stretcher is the perfect choice to deliver big time results! Push your package out to its maximum potential and enjoy a super tight tug on your balls while you stay stiffer and thicker than ever before. The ball stretcher pulls down on your testicles and prevents them from retracting upward, delaying ejaculation and prolonging the fun. Your bulging balls will swing between your legs and feel amazing, while the stretchy ring clamps down to give you that extra edge. <br /><br />Made from our body safe, silky smooth Elite Silicone, this comfortable harness was designed for maximum performance and rock hard erections! Climaxes will never be the same again when you are wearing this ring! You will enjoy huge, hanging balls, throbbing erections, increased stamina, and explosive ejaculations. Grab the Easy Grip tab and pull your balls through the bottom ring first, then stretch the top ring and slide it all the way to the base of your shaft. The ring can be worn under your clothing to ensure that you are always ready for action. The phthalate free, latex free Elite Silicone can be enjoyed in full confidence with water-based lubricants.

Shop this item now! NPPSC

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