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Lords Of Cannabis Game


The Strategic Game of Reaping, Corruption, and Conquest! Reaping! From building on rich resource plots and shrewd trading, reap the rewards of expanding throughout the vast pot fields of cannabis! Conquest! Be the first player with ten points to become the Lord. Keep in mind- one strategy might work once, but in the next game. Everything will change! Corruption! Buy Crop cards to earn extra resources or to gain control of the mafia. Become the Mob Boss and you are in control of the law. If someone stands in your way, whack them! Build, trade, and steal your way to becoming the True Lord of Cannabis! Game includes: One 17 inches by 17 inches game board, 100 Stash Cards, 38 Crop Cards, 2 Dice, 1 Sheriff Badge, 6 Reference and 2 Reward Cards, 24 Numbered Chips, 6 Building Tiles and 15 Tunnels per color. From Kheper Games.

Shop this item now! NPPSC

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