Microsoft Home Use Program

Microsoft contract that can save us a lot of money.

If you or yours sailors need to purchase Microsoft products for school work,

or to work at home, please see the below links:

Program Code:


You have to use a valid ONE-NET email to register for the Home Use Program
(HUP). And you can only download the Microsoft product to ONE home computer.
It is not transferrable to dependents unfortunately.

Spread the word. You can pay $9.95 rather than $399.99!

NSIPS Duty Status Codes

100 Present for Active Duty
110 Active Duty, Detached to TAD
111 Active duty, Detached from TAD
120 Active Duty, TAD for Manning Assist
121 Active Duty, TAD for School
122 Active Duty, TAD for Hospitalization
123 Active duty, TAD In Confinement
124 Active Duty, TAD for Regular Duty
133 Active Duty, Separation/Retirement Leave
136 Active Duty, Indefinite Leave
140 Active Duty, Detached to Home for APEBP
141 Active Duty, Home awaiting APEBP
142 Active Duty, Detached from APEBP to duty
143 Active Duty, Admin Punitive Discharge, Drop from Strength
146 Active Duty, MIA / POW
147 Active Duty, Deceased
148 Discharged from Active Duty
150 Active Duty, Failed to Report for Duty
151 Active Duty, Erroneous Gain
170 Absent from Active Duty Command
171 Active Duty, Absent from TAD
172 Active Duty, IHCA
173 Active Duty, IHCA from TAD
174 Active Duty, Deserter
196 Active Duty Strength Gain Cancelled
198 Active Duty, Prospective Gain to Full Strength
199 Active Duty, Prospective Gain
200 SELRES (Parent Unit), Present for Duty
210 SELRES Transfer to Another Unit
211 Detached to AD for Spcl Work, ADSW > 30 Days or Involuntary Mobilizaton
247 SELRES (Parent Unit), Deceased
248 Discharged from SELRES (Parent Unit)
297 Released from Mobilization, pending check-in to unit
298 Prospective Gain to Active Duty for Mobilization
299 SELRES (Parent Unit), Prospective Gain
300 SELRES (Short Tour), Present for Duty
347 SELRES (Short Tour), Deceased
370 Absent from SELRES (Short Tour)
372 SELRES (Short Tour), IHCA
374 SELRES (Short Tour), Deserter
399 SELRES (Short Tour), Prospective Gain
400 SELRES (Long Tour), Present for Duty
447 SELRES (Long Tour), Deceased
470 Absent from SELRES (Long Tour)
472 SELRES (Long Tour), IHCA
474 SELRES (Long Tour), Deserter
499 SELRES (Long Tour), Prospective Gain
500 IRR (S1/S2 status), Present for Duty
600 IRR (Voluntary Training Unit), Present for Duty
610 IRR (Voluntary Training Unit) Transfer to another Unit
611 IRR (VTU), Detached to AD for Spcl Work, ADSW > 30 Days or involuntary Mobilization
647 IRR (Voluntary Training Unit), Deceased
648 Discharged from IRR (Voluntary Training Unit)
697 Released from Mobilization, pending check-in to unit
698 Prospective Gain to Active Duty for Mobilization
699 IRR (Voluntary Training Unit), Prospective Gain
900 Retired, Present for Duty

DoD PKI Automatic Key Recovery

Steps to Recover CAC
Private Email Encryption Keys
The following slides identify steps to recover private
encryption keys, escrowed by DISA, from CACs that
do not have the “Auto Key Recovery” functionality
U.S. Army Materiel Command |
Electronics Command
You must use Firefox or Chrome to recover keys. Internet
Explorer does not seem to work consistently.
These are the Automatic Key Recovery URLs. They can only be accessed from the .mil
network (NIPRNet).
TLS 1.1 and 1.2 MUST be enabled
Note: The URL addresses shown above are case sensitive
When you go to this link, you must identify yourself with PKI credentials. Use ONLY
your identity certificate!

PS A School Open to CPPAs and Civilians

—–Original Message—–
Sent: Monday, April 09, 2018 8:55 AM

Good Morning CPPAs,

Here is some information about the recent opening of the GS2PS Course:

Navy Pay and Personnel Service Center has opened up the GS2PS Course (PS “A”
School) to Command Pay and Personnel Administrators (CPPAs). If you are
interested in sending any of your CPPAs to this course, please have your
Training Officer or POC contact me. The cost will have to be funded by your
command, however, NPPSC may pick up the lodging portion (confirmation
pending). Details below:

Course Name: PS “A” School
CIN/CDP: A-500-0018/970R
Class Convene: 30 July – 18 August 2018
Location: NTTC Meridian
Building 330, Room 114
NAS Meridian, MS 39309

PURPOSE – To provide organized and intensive training in order to supply
the operating forces with personnel capable of performing job entry-level
tasks equivalent to that required of a Personnelman Seaman Apprentice.

SCOPE-The course provides training on the following topics: customer
service, pay and personnel references; electronic service record
maintenance; pay and allowances; pay transactions; computing taxes;
personnel transactions; processing PCS travel; computing creditable service;
reenlistments; extensions; separations; and manning report within a PSD

**Day 1 class hours are 0800- 1700. Please be in your seat and ready to
begin at 0800. Beginning on day 2, class hours will be 0700 to 1700 (M-F)
through the final course completion.

*Dress code
Uniform of the day for military is NWUs and Service uniform for graduation
day. For civilians: suitable civilian attire (ties and coats are not
required). The Galley has a dress code specifically: no open toed shoes and
no sleeveless shirts (tank tops).

NGIS is within walking distance to the classroom and galley. Phone number:


PS1(SW/AW/IW) Hendrix, Tyler
PERSUPP DET Sigonella, Sicily
DSN: (314) 624-5690

Closure of PSD Little Creek!

To all the CPPA’s inquiring about the closure of PSD Little Creek! I am the OIC of both Little Creek and Oceana so I’m here to shed a little light on what’s coming and it’s coming fast. We are in the process of shifting functions to PSD Norfolk which here shortly will become the My Navy Career Center (Norfolk) and there is also another that is located in Millington. These two centers will become the two major hubs In which all PSD’s will eventually merge into. With that being said there will also be a call center located in Millington a travel processing center (TPC…processes travel claims) in Millington and a strength gains operation that will be located in Great Lakes. Currently, we are in the process of merging (closing) 12 PSD’s that will be merged in either Norfolk or Millington. For those of you that bank with USAA, imagine that concept happening in the future…Apps included. For my Little Creek customers, your records will be shifted to Norfolk. Advise your triad that in the next few days I will be sending an invite to a town hall to discuss questions and concerns about the process when my CO comes to visit next week. I will also send out a message and E-mail to the CPPA’s on the process and what you need to do to make this transition a success and continue to provide all of our Sailors uninterrupted customer service during this process. All the training provided and my speaking of this process coming is now a reality! We trained on RED/DA(page 2’s) and Panel 1 of gains for this reason. If you were not there for any of those sessions you are and have been doing your commands a disservice. 31 May is Our current goal to shift responsibilities from Little Creek to Norfolk so if you don’t have the proper accesses or training you need to come to PSD Little Creek immediately! I will communicate with all of you when it comes to accesses to TOPS and NSIPs as we find out specifics on trying to make the process smoother, But there may be a chance that all of you will need to request new access to Norfolk which we are all trying to prevent. Stand by to take action upon my notification to you and your chain of command! If your chain has questions they can feel free to contact me at m****** and I will be happy to put their minds at ease. Keep pressing and keep doing great things! -LT Browning

FW: Exempt from PRT Eval Documentation (Excellent Performance) 2018 Cycle 1

From: Rossiter, Scott A FORCM NPC, Pers-00M
Sent: Friday, March 16, 2018 4:43 PM
Subject: Exempt from PRT Eval Documentation (Excellent Performance)

Good Morning! I just relieved Tuck Williams at NPC. Looking forward
to meeting each of you & working together.

For Sailors who score well enough (and also choose) to be exempt
from the following PFA cycle, the correct documentation in block-20 of the
eval/fitrep is “B” with appropriate comment in block-41/43. A simple
comment such as “On cycle 18-1, PO Sailor was within standards on the BCA
and was waived from the PRT based on an elevated score on cycle 17-2.
Fleet questions indicate we need to provide clear direction on this,
so we will release formal guidance via NAVADMIN.


FORCM(SS/IUSS) Scott Rossiter
Force Master Chief
Navy Personnel Command
5720 Integrity Drive
Millington TN 38053-0000