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R 021737Z MAY 18
RMKS/1. This NAVADMIN supersedes NAVADMIN 079/17, and announces
policy and guidance updates for the FY-18 Meritorious Advancement
Program (MAP) season.
2. MAP Intent. As a part of Sailor 2025 and our continuing efforts
to modernize personnel systems and processes, this NAVADMIN provides
policy and guidance for the FY-18 MAP Season for Active Component
(AC) and Full-Time Support (FTS) Sailors. Policy, guidance, and
quota distribution for Selected Reserve will be outlined in a future
all Navy Reserve message. We continue to refine and improve the
program to further empower command triads to recognize their most
highly talented Sailors through immediate advancement. Changes this
season include:
a. Increasing the total number of MAP quotas. The added
flexibility and increased importance of MAP will account for
approximately 15 percent of all E4-E6 advancements this year.
b. Allowing multiple meritorious certification letter (MCL)
submissions to provide maximum flexibility for commands. Commands
have the ability to provide multiple MCLs this season in order to
promptly advance their Sailors. This ensures commands do not hold
up MAP advancements to finalize the selects from their command.
c. Allowing commands to use E4 quotas to advance any E1-E3
Sailors to the next higher paygrade on a one-for-one basis. This
will allow commands to recognize their best performers and advance
Sailors to all paygrades E6 and below.
d. Reducing the 2-year time-in-rate (TIR) to 1-year TIR for E6
MAP candidates with the additional ability for commands to select
Sailors with no-TIR through Budget Submitting Officer
(BSO)/designated Echelon 2 endorsement. Nuclear-trained Sailors
(EMN, ETN, and MMN) must complete at least 2 years as an E5 before
being eligible for advancement to E6. Commands that select Sailors
with no-TIR will require a BSO/Echelon 2 endorsed letter to
accompany the MCL.
3. Fleet Feedback. These modifications are the result of the close
partnership with Navy leadership and the MAP strategic working
group, which is comprised of senior enlisted leaders across the
Fleet. The strategic working group assessed lessons learned from
FY-17 and Sailor feedback to ensure command leadership triads are
provided even greater opportunity and flexibility. As outlined in
subparagraph 6c, commanding officers (CO) are highly encouraged to
meritoriously advance highly deserving frocked Sailors to make their
advancement effective immediately.
4. Community Health. Navy must balance rating community health and
provide Sailors with advancement opportunity across all three
advancement cycles two Navy Wide Advancement Exams (NWAE) and one
MAP Season.
a. To ensure communities remain healthy, commands that wish to
nominate a Sailor in a controlled rate must submit their request via
their chain of command to their BSO/Echelon 2 commands for
consideration. BSO/Echelon 2 commands remain the approval authority
for controlled rate requests. Requests not approved by the
BSO/Echelon 2 command will be returned to the originating command,
which can use the MAP quota to advance an alternate Sailor in a non-
controlled rate.
b. The following rates, by component, are controlled for the
FY-18 MAP Season (i.e., BSO/Echelon 2 approval required to be MAP
advanced into the rates listed):
(1) AC: AWS1, BM1, CSS1, ABF2, ABH2, AD2, AE2, AM2, AME2,
AO2, AT2, CSS2, CTM2, GSE2, MN2, PS2, SH2.
(2) FTS: AME1, AS1, AT1, PR1, AME2, AS2, AT2.
c. A request for a controlled rate quota must be submitted from
the CO, via the chain of command, to their BSO/Echelon 2 command for
approval. Adjudication and notification of the controlled rate
requests by the BSO/Echelon 2 should be made no later than 30 days
upon receipt. A copy of the BSO/Echelon 2 authorization letter must
be submitted as an enclosure with the MCL as directed in paragraph
7. Each BSO/Echelon 2 command is the approval authority for
exceptions to policy (ETP) for their subordinate commands.
5. MAP Quotas. MAP quotas are allocated to both individual
commands and BSO/Echelon 2 commands.
a. Command MAP quotas are calculated based on the eligible E3-
E5 Billets Authorized (BA) at the command level, to include any
subordinate UICs. The specific number of quotas, if any, will
depend on the size of the E3-E5 BA at the command level, to include
BA at both the parent and subordinate unit identification codes
(UIC). At a minimum, a command with at least 15 E3-E5 BA will
receive a MAP quota at the paygrade with the most billets (e.g., a
command with 5 E3 billets and 10 E4 billets will receive 1 E5
quota). All Sailors assigned to subordinate UICs are eligible for
MAP quotas assigned to the parent command.
b. The BA associated with commands that do not generate MAP
quotas are aggregated and then allocated to the BSO/Echelon 2 for
distribution to any commands within that BSO/Echelon 2, including
the headquarters command.
c. All commands are authorized to request quotas from their
BSO/Echelon 2, via their immediate superior in command (ISIC) and
type commander (TYCOM), whether or not command quotas are
authorized. BSO/Echelon 2s and TYCOMs may issue specific guidance
on due dates or how subordinate commands must request a quota. Each
BSO/Echelon 2 command is the approval authority for ETPs for their
subordinate commands.
d. The list of MAP quotas by UIC can be found on the Navy
Personnel Command (NPC) website at
6. MAP Eligibility. MAP is open to all Sailors who meet
advancement eligibility requirements.
a. MAP open season will take place from 1 July 2018 to
31 August 2018. MAP redistribution season will take place from 1
September 2018 to 30 September 2018.
b. The effective date of advancement is based on the date of
the COs MCL but no earlier than 1 July 2018. The date of rate for
E4-E6 MAP candidates will be 1 July 2018 while the date of rate for
E2 and E3 MAP candidates will be the date of the MCL. Commands are
encouraged to begin their MAP selection process and submit their MCL
as early as possible to ensure Sailors are advanced and paid
c. Sailors can only be meritoriously advanced one paygrade.
Sailors can only be meritoriously advanced once during FY18 MAP
Season. Sailors in a frocked status are not eligible for
advancement to the next higher paygrade until effectively advanced
(i.e., a frocked E5 cannot be meritoriously advanced to E6).
However, COs are authorized and encouraged to MAP frocked Sailors
who were selected for advancement from the Spring 2018, Cycle 239,
NWAE provided they have not reached their effective pay date (i.e.,
a frocked E5 can be meritoriously advanced to E5. Refer to the
profile sheet of the member for effective pay date). Sailors must
have the following TIR in paygrades E1E5 for MAP advancement
(1) E6 1 July 2017 (1 July 2016 for nuclear-trained
(2) E5 and below No TIR requirement.
d. COs may select an E6 MAP candidate with no-TIR through
BSO/Ech 2 endorsement. The command must submit the BSO/Echelon 2
endorsement with the MCL.
e. Sailors must be attached to the MAP authorized command
during the FY-18 MAP season. Projected rotation date change
requests are recommended if a Sailor will transfer prior to the
start of the MAP Season.
f. Professional Apprenticeship Career Track (PACT) Sailors
remain eligible for MAP advancement, provided the Sailor has an
approved quota for rating designation (i.e., approved quota in
Career Waypoints (C-WAY)) via the NWAE or Rating Entry Designation.
MAP advancement is not authorized for PACT Sailors with designation
approval for A-School required ratings.
g. Director, Military Personnel Plans and Policy (OPNAV (N13))
is the determining authority for MAP eligibility ETPs. Any MAP
eligibility ETP request will be submitted to OPNAV (N13) via the
chain of command and copy to Enlisted Career Administration/Enlisted
Boards (PERS-8031). ETPs for nuclear trained Sailors will be routed
to OPNAV (N13) via OPNAV (N133).
7. MAP Validation. Commands will forward their MCL (copy to ISIC
and TYCOM) to PERS-8031 listing their Sailors selected for
meritorious advancement. MCLs must include all required information
including the subordinate UIC the selected Sailor is attached, if
a. PERS-8031 will review the record(s) of the selected
Sailor(s) and validate the MCL. If there are no discrepancies PERS-
8031 will inform the command that their MAP selects are valid.
Commands are not authorized to notify Sailor(s) of MAP selection
until receipt of the PERS-8031 validation of the MCL.
b. If discrepancies are discovered, PERS-8031 will invalidate
the MCL and notify the command (copy to ISIC and TYCOM) of the
reason(s) for invalidation. Commands may correct discrepancies and
resubmit or identify new MAP candidates.
c. If the social security number of the member is included on
the MCL, then an encrypted e-mail is required for submission of the
MCL (signed and scanned attachment) to PERS-8031 at advancements-
active(at)navy.mil. The e-mail subject line must include the MAP
UIC. Do not mail in the MCL if it has already been e-mailed. An e-
mail response validating the MCL will be received within 5 business
days of submission.
d. If operational commitments preclude a command from
submitting their MCL prior to the deadline, the command must forward
the MCL with justification to their ISIC/chain of command for
endorsement and further processing through PERS-8031.
8. Quota Redistribution. The BSO/Echelon 2 command has final
authority to determine which command(s) will receive unused quotas
during redistribution season. MAP redistribution season will take
place from 130 September 2018. If awarded a redistributed quota
from the BSO/Echelon 2 Commander, an additional MCL must be
submitted to PERS-8031 as directed in paragraph 7.
9. Quota Substitution. Commands are not authorized to substitute
paygrades for E5 and E6 MAP quotas (e.g., utilize an E6 MAP quota to
advance an E3 Sailor to E4 or vice versa). MAP quotas are
formulated based upon specific BA, thus substitution of quotas may
cause over-execution of advancements at certain paygrades. The only
allowance of quota substitution is that E4 MAP quotas may be used to
advance Sailors to E2 and E3 paygrades. Commands should note that
use of E4 quotas for paygrade E2 and E3 advancements will not result
in a higher number of available quotas (i.e., one E4 quota may be
used for one E2 advancement or one E3 advancement).
10. Subordinate UICs. COs are authorized to utilize MAP quotas at
their subordinate UICs. MAP Quotas are distributed by command UIC
and must be used to advance a Sailor permanently assigned, or
temporary additional duty for greater than 30 days, to that UIC or
subordinate UIC.
11. Navy Recruiting Districts (NRD) are authorized to use one
AC/FTS MAP quota per NRD for reserve Sailors filling Canvasser
Recruiter billets.
12. MAP Website. Example forms and FAQs can be downloaded via the
NPC website at http://www.public.navy.mil/bupers-
The list of POCs for each BSO/Echelon 2 command and list of parent
and subordinate UICs can also be found on this website.
13. Point of contact. Navy Personnel Command (PERS-8031) at (901)
874-4457/DNS 882, or via e-mail at advancements-active(at)navy.mil
14. This NAVADMIN will remain in effect until superseded or
canceled, whichever comes first.
15. Released by Vice Admiral R. P. Burke, N1.//


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