Transfers Process CPPA Training

Transfers Process CPPA Training
• References
• NSIPS Projected Loss Report
• PCS Orders
• Proceed Time
• Travel Time
• Forms and Checklists
• Page 2 Verification/Update and Documentation Requirements
• TOPS Transaction
• Best Practices
General References
• Command Pay and Personnel Administrator (CPPA) Handbook
• NAVADMIN 043/15 Guidance for Using Pay and Personnel Standard Operating Procedure
• MILPERSMAN Article 1000-021 Command Pay And Personnel Administrator (CPPA) Program
Transfer Process Specific References
• MILPERSMAN 1300 General (multiple articles within section)
• MILPERSMAN 1301 Officer Assignment and Distribution (multiple articles within section)
• MILPERSMAN 1306 Enlisted Assignment and Distribution (multiple articles within section)
• MILPERSMAN 1320 Orders to Personnel (multiple articles within section)
• MILPERSMAN 1320-060 Permanent Change of Station Transfer Order (PCSTO), Delivery,
Interpretation, and Execution
• MILPERSMAN 1070-270 NAVPERS 1070/602, Dependency Application/Record of Emergency
Data Record of Emergency Data
• MILPERSMAN 1070-320 Administrative Remarks
• PPIB 16-12 Update E-mail Address and Contact Information in NSIPS
• Navy Personnel Command (NPC): CPPA Resources: Pers – Receipts, Transfer, Travel and

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