PS A School Open to CPPAs and Civilians

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Good Morning CPPAs,

Here is some information about the recent opening of the GS2PS Course:

Navy Pay and Personnel Service Center has opened up the GS2PS Course (PS “A”
School) to Command Pay and Personnel Administrators (CPPAs). If you are
interested in sending any of your CPPAs to this course, please have your
Training Officer or POC contact me. The cost will have to be funded by your
command, however, NPPSC may pick up the lodging portion (confirmation
pending). Details below:

Course Name: PS “A” School
CIN/CDP: A-500-0018/970R
Class Convene: 30 July – 18 August 2018
Location: NTTC Meridian
Building 330, Room 114
NAS Meridian, MS 39309

PURPOSE – To provide organized and intensive training in order to supply
the operating forces with personnel capable of performing job entry-level
tasks equivalent to that required of a Personnelman Seaman Apprentice.

SCOPE-The course provides training on the following topics: customer
service, pay and personnel references; electronic service record
maintenance; pay and allowances; pay transactions; computing taxes;
personnel transactions; processing PCS travel; computing creditable service;
reenlistments; extensions; separations; and manning report within a PSD

**Day 1 class hours are 0800- 1700. Please be in your seat and ready to
begin at 0800. Beginning on day 2, class hours will be 0700 to 1700 (M-F)
through the final course completion.

*Dress code
Uniform of the day for military is NWUs and Service uniform for graduation
day. For civilians: suitable civilian attire (ties and coats are not
required). The Galley has a dress code specifically: no open toed shoes and
no sleeveless shirts (tank tops).

NGIS is within walking distance to the classroom and galley. Phone number:


PS1(SW/AW/IW) Hendrix, Tyler
PERSUPP DET Sigonella, Sicily
DSN: (314) 624-5690

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