FW: Exempt from PRT Eval Documentation (Excellent Performance) 2018 Cycle 1

From: Rossiter, Scott A FORCM NPC, Pers-00M
Sent: Friday, March 16, 2018 4:43 PM
Subject: Exempt from PRT Eval Documentation (Excellent Performance)

Good Morning! I just relieved Tuck Williams at NPC. Looking forward
to meeting each of you & working together.

For Sailors who score well enough (and also choose) to be exempt
from the following PFA cycle, the correct documentation in block-20 of the
eval/fitrep is “B” with appropriate comment in block-41/43. A simple
comment such as “On cycle 18-1, PO Sailor was within standards on the BCA
and was waived from the PRT based on an elevated score on cycle 17-2.
Fleet questions indicate we need to provide clear direction on this,
so we will release formal guidance via NAVADMIN.


FORCM(SS/IUSS) Scott Rossiter
Force Master Chief
Navy Personnel Command
5720 Integrity Drive
Millington TN 38053-0000

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