Closure of PSD Little Creek!

To all the CPPA’s inquiring about the closure of PSD Little Creek! I am the OIC of both Little Creek and Oceana so I’m here to shed a little light on what’s coming and it’s coming fast. We are in the process of shifting functions to PSD Norfolk which here shortly will become the My Navy Career Center (Norfolk) and there is also another that is located in Millington. These two centers will become the two major hubs In which all PSD’s will eventually merge into. With that being said there will also be a call center located in Millington a travel processing center (TPC…processes travel claims) in Millington and a strength gains operation that will be located in Great Lakes. Currently, we are in the process of merging (closing) 12 PSD’s that will be merged in either Norfolk or Millington. For those of you that bank with USAA, imagine that concept happening in the future…Apps included. For my Little Creek customers, your records will be shifted to Norfolk. Advise your triad that in the next few days I will be sending an invite to a town hall to discuss questions and concerns about the process when my CO comes to visit next week. I will also send out a message and E-mail to the CPPA’s on the process and what you need to do to make this transition a success and continue to provide all of our Sailors uninterrupted customer service during this process. All the training provided and my speaking of this process coming is now a reality! We trained on RED/DA(page 2’s) and Panel 1 of gains for this reason. If you were not there for any of those sessions you are and have been doing your commands a disservice. 31 May is Our current goal to shift responsibilities from Little Creek to Norfolk so if you don’t have the proper accesses or training you need to come to PSD Little Creek immediately! I will communicate with all of you when it comes to accesses to TOPS and NSIPs as we find out specifics on trying to make the process smoother, But there may be a chance that all of you will need to request new access to Norfolk which we are all trying to prevent. Stand by to take action upon my notification to you and your chain of command! If your chain has questions they can feel free to contact me at m****** and I will be happy to put their minds at ease. Keep pressing and keep doing great things! -LT Browning

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